Salinger never taught me shit Reply

that comparative literature class was cool
flirty banter and long glimpses of leg
but Salinger never taught me shit
about cooking dope in bottle caps
or how to pack a coolie from filter to tip

and raymond carver knew about loneliness
but I wish he would have shown me
how to lie to the police
or break a lover’s heart with kindness
or even decency

© 2014 gibson grand

this city is a drunken mother Reply

this city is a drunken mother
shouting at you
with blaring horns
and broken glass
eyes full of murder
and indifference
while you suck cock
under the C-yard
fondled by anxious queens
with wrinkled currency

this city is an absent father
in mirrored rooms
and penthouse suites
nostrils full of coke
and resentment
his naked disappointment
in all that you dream
and the promise of youth

this city is an abandoned child
veins full of junk
like asphalt in potholes
wandering from
bed to bed
where lovers wait
in soiled sheets
as callous as
their mothers and fathers

© gibson grand

This poem appears in my collection of stories and poetry, Leave Your Money on the Dresser, available on Amazon.